Torus “Neo” 

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Torus in various designs
Large-scale energization of living spaces
Stylish & extraordinary design

Special designs on customer request possible

The torus:

Due to its toroidal shape, the energy field is in permanent interaction with its environment. Quickly, efficiently and dynamically, information from the environment is absorbed and enriched with harmonic information in the center of the torus and released back into its environment.
The Torus works multi-dimensionally and stimulates our own ascension into the next dimension through its dynamics.
Effects on the physical and etheric body are equally powerful
Increases the vibration of the person and the environment in meditation and everyday life
The connection to the cosmic power is strengthened
In working with the Torus, we can release blocking, spent energy to Him and receive back new, vitalizing life energy.

For more information about the Torus: Torus – for house and rooms



The product is available unpainted in the versions “rock crystal” and “shungite”.

For a special expression the lacquering in “gold” or “silver” provides.

We manufacture our AwakeningTechnology products in elaborate handwork over several days in our workshop itself.

Thus, each product is unique and has a very individual and distinctive appearance.

The products consist of a carefully selected alchemical composition of crystalline materials, as well as purified rock crystals or shungite, gold and energized water structures, which are processed and bound in a complex procedure.

With our AwakeningTechnology these materials are raised to a special terahertz frequency and thus receive their distinctive, high-frequency energy field.

The AwakeningTechnology process produces a much stronger energization than a conventional orgonite or orgone energy products. Normal orgonites get their charge only through a according to Wilhelm Reich, organic-inorganic stratification. Our AwakeningTechnology products are intensively harmonized and energized by our quantum field generator in addition to Reich’s method.

Through this process, wafer-thin lines of force can be created on the surface, which is a quality feature for our powerful energization and is visually a small highlight.


The combination of shape, materials and our AwakeningTechnology creates the potential for special effects:

EMF protection: negative electromagnetic frequencies (electrosmog) such as W-Lan, 3G, 4G, 5G, Umts, Ltd etc. can be harmonized and thus rendered harmless.
A harmonious, healing environment is promoted
Blockages are stimulated to dissolve
Universal life energy (Prana, Chi) comes into the position to flow freely and intensively
Stress & worries can be reduced and sleep quality improved
Potential for spiritual transformation is released
The subtle field is harmonized

The strength of the effect depends, among other things, on its mass. This means that the effect is proportionally strengthened with increasing weight/size.

Detailed information about the product can be found on our homepage under the category “AwakeningTechnology”.

The extraordinary effect of our products has been tested and confirmed in many ways by alternative practitioners, energy workers & clairvoyant persons.

Nevertheless, these are energy fields that have not yet been researched and proven by modern science. Therefore, we must point out that all effects and effects are described as purely subjective, personal impressions of individuals.

Our products do not replace treatment by a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner.

Each of our products is individually and custom made, therefore dimensions, weight and appearance are only approximate and may vary slightly with each product.


For the love of the environment:

Our planet is important to us, so we try to manufacture, package and ship our products as sustainably as possible.
To conserve resources, we reuse packaging materials from suppliers.
We try to make our product photos as realistic as possible so that you, the customer, can get a good feel for the product even online. Help us and reduce unnecessary returns and save our environment.


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Video1: Torus “Neo” in “Gold

Video2: Torus “Neo” in “Silver

Video3: Torus “Neo” in “Shungit

Video4: Torus “Neo” in “Rock Crystal


Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 150 × 55 mm

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