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Which product is the right one for me?

Each of our AwakeningTechnology products has been created through years of experience, knowledge and passion. Nothing about our products is accidental. Ancient knowledge, mathematical precision and novel technologies are fused to create something great.

Math & Creation

Our AwakeningTechnology forms originate from the original creation and are found in basic atomic structures, nature, and the energy fields of all life.
In symbolism, each form can be attributed a certain consciousness or effect.
Many systems, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Human Design, Astrology etc. use this energetic symbolism.

The effectiveness of our products depends on the following factors, among others:
Mass, stones used, minerals and shape.
The more mass (weight) a product has, the stronger its energetic radiation.

Upgrade for meditation & living spaces


Life force for any situation

All of our products are handmade from high quality materials and are energized with AwakeningTechnology.
The basic properties remain the same for all products. Depending on the shape and size, the information of the energy and its intensity varies.

pyramide 1


Info & Products

There are numerous myths and stories about the golden age of the pyramids. Science has not been able to explain many paranormal phenomena in connection with the Cheop pyramids until today.
If you look at the effects of the pyramidal form from a spiritual point of view, they offer great potential for healing and cosmic consciousness. Profit from this ancient knowledge!

torus atlantis

Large scale energy


Dynamic, self-sustaining energy is characteristic of the shape of the torus. All energy flow, whether that of humans or an electromagnetic field, corresponds to a toroidal shape. With our AwakeningTechnology Torus you can generously energize entire living spaces.  The torus is able to emit its energy over a large area in all directions equally.

dodekaeder auf tisch

specific activation

Sacred geometry

Activate specific chakras or potentials with the platonic bodies of sacred geometry. Each geometric shape creates a similar formation of energy patterns on our subtle body and the associated physical level. It is possible to activate organs (according to TCM) or chakras (e.g. Human Design) with our platonic bodies.

ei in handtasche

Everyday products

Infos & Products

Not only decorative, but very practical are our everyday products in the category "Energization and EMF protection." Whether energetic protection in everyday life with our egg, or a power meditation on the "Flower of Life - Plate," for every situation we offer the right tool. Do you want to clean objects or jewelry from dirty bioplasmic energy and rebalance them? Our cups in different sizes and shapes offer versatile application possibilities.

This is the science behind our AwakeningTechnology

Intelligent quantum physics

Frequencies with potential for healing

Over centuries we humans have distanced ourselves further and further from creation. We have forgotten to perceive ourselves and the world energetically and to live in connection with our higher self.

Embark on a journey into cosmic vibrations with AwakeningTechnology products. Bring your truth, wisdom and love into harmony with your true nature in daily spiritual work.

The energy of our products can be perceived even without practice by people who are not sensitive. Concentration is enough!


Each of our products impregnated with AwakeningTechnology is able to protect its environment from negative radiation and electrosmog. Due to our modern way of life, we are permanently exposed to high-frequency alternating fields such as mobile phone masts, W-Lan, Bluetooth etc. without protection.
This radiation cannot be switched off and penetrates the walls of your living space unhindered.  This has a lasting damaging effect on our health and quality of life. 

Permanently disturbed cell communication and even an inhibition of our hormone production (e.g. melatonin) are described effects of these concentrated electromagnetic frequencies. Symptoms such as chronic fatigue, headaches, concentration problems and a weakened immune system are not uncommon.

Studies on this topic are rare, because the responsible companies and operators of mobile phone masts want to avoid responsibility.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of each individual to keep himself healthy and to protect body, mind and soul from the negative effects of EMF!

Protect living space

The strength of the protection depends on the mass of the product. Thus, our large products are quite capable of protecting entire living spaces from negative radiation waves. Immediately after placing the product, you will feel the change from stressful to positive energy. Home is a place where you should regenerate and protect yourself from harmful influences without any compromises. For this purpose, for example, the pyramid L, torus or large dodecahedron is suitable.

Protect Aura & Body

Whether in a jacket, handbag or otherwise worn on the body, the energy egg accompanies you in everyday life. At home, at work or on the road, it can protect the aura and cells of its wearer from negative influences such as electrosmog.  Symptoms such as chronic headaches, fatigue and concentration problems can be reduced.

Unobtrusive protection at the workplace

Especially in the workplace, electromagnetic radiation has a concentrated effect on the body. Our products protect you stylishly and inconspicuously from EMF and energetic influences. Suitable here are all types of platonic bodies, our hexagonal column (e.g. as a bookend, paperweight), smaller pyramids or the torus "Neo" or "Morpheus".

Harmonizing & health enhancing

Body, mind and soul are constantly resonating with internal and external influences. It is important for our well-being to bring these three components into coherence. Permanently surrounded by stress and negative influences, our highly sensitive system quickly gets out of balance. Often our chakras and organs are congested with diseased bioplasmic matter and can no longer flow freely.
When you surround yourself with the high-frequency, cosmic vibration of AwakeningTechnology, the subtle field goes into harmony with healing, releasing and activating energy.
Activity and life energy are sustainably stimulated, while the organism is simultaneously protected from harmful influences.

System cleansing

To cleanse the body in a regular ritual and release energetic blockages, almost all of our products can be used. The intensity of purification and harmonization depends on the mass of the object. The form of the product determines the "themes" or the type of information.  For more details see the section "Spiritual work".

Harmonization for on the go

Harmony and vitality in flow with everyday life. Give your body the chance to stay balanced and harmonious even in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Stress can be sustainably reduced and the quality of life can be increased. With our smaller, handy products you will find a way to always benefit from the harmonizing properties of cosmic energy. The energy egg or our platonic bodies are the ideal companion for every situation.

Healthy sleep

Quality sleep is essential for health and well-being. Our products energetically balance your sleeping space and promote the regeneration of your cells, so that you start a new day active and full of zest for life. Products of large mass such as a torus, large dodecahedron or pyramid should not be placed directly next to the bed because of their strong activating properties. The Flower of Life plate can be placed under the bed or mattress after a short period of getting used to it. You can always put your cell phone, jewelry or smartwatch on our small plates, or in the cup for cleaning.

Food valorization & water energization

Good, valuable nutrition is essential for health and psyche. In order for the body to better absorb and utilize the nutrients from food, you should energize your food and beverages before consumption. However, the atoms In food and water can store not only energy, but also information. The Flower of Life Plate increases the subtle nourishing energy of food and also harmonizes its atomic structure, improving its general quality and digestibility.

In the flow of life

- with the sacred geometry -

Icosahedron- Platonic body


The extraordinary effect of our products has been tested and confirmed in many ways by alternative practitioners, energy workers & clairvoyant people.
Nevertheless, these are energy fields that have not yet been researched and proven by modern science.

Therefore, we must point out that all effects and effects described on our homepage are described as purely subjective, personal impressions of individual persons. We do not make any healing promises. Our products do not replace treatment by a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner.