An era of new types of technologies has begun

We at Wise Lifestyle have found a special way to use the physical nature of terahertz waves. By means of a novel quantum field generator we are able to permanently impregnate crystalline materials with a spectrum of harmonizing vibrations.  

Our products, impregnated with AwakeningTechnology, thus generate an awakening field of consciousness of original life energy. This field balances out harmful radiation and electrosmog and can have a healing and transformative effect on people, animals and plants.


At the beginning of creation was intelligent energy

There are numerous expressions for the force that makes our universe expand, every atom vibrate and matter come to life. Prana (Vedic tradition) Qui or Chi (traditional Chinese medicine), Vril or Od (Germanic mythology), Orgone Energy (Dr. Wilhelm Reich) or Hypersonic (Teraherz frequency band) by Reiner Gebbensleben.

This physically only indirectly measurable form of energy corresponds to a scalar wave functioning on quantum level, and is essentially the basis of all life.

The physician Wilhelm Reich and founder of the term "orgone", which is commonly used in Germany, recognized the physical connections and the practical application of life energy already in the 1950s. With his developed devices he was able to bring healing to many people.  Since then, researchers from all over the world have tried to improve these orgone or terahertz waves and, above all, to make them usable.

After decades of research and engineering, our team has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough with high-frequency technology

With our newly developed quantum field generator we are able to permanently energize the atomic structure of crystalline matter with a harmonizing terraheart frequency band. After quantum field impregnation, our special composition of crystalline materials is capable of permanently storing the approximately 100-fold amplified orgone or hypersonic energy and continuously releasing it over a period of approximately 70 years.

Through our technology orgonite or orgone energy can be produced much more effectively and powerfully!

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Wise Lifestyle

Is it possible to perceive this energy?

The energy of our products is so intense that most people can directly perceive the high-frequency energy.

Briefly press the thumb of the left hand into the palm of the right hand to activate the hand chakras.
By actively stroking the activated hand from top to bottom, feel the air and temperature resistance in the room.

Then the same hand movement is performed over the AwakeningTechnology object.
Depending on how practiced and sensitive you are, a "tingling/prickling," "resistance," "warm air" and also slight counterpressure can be felt.
Sensitivity can be practiced by repeated touching and eventually even the whole aura of the object can be perceived.
The more objects you "feel" over time, the more you will notice the intense, pleasant aura of our AwakeningTechnology.

Our AwakeningTechnology can reduce the effects of harmful radiation and creates a harmonious atmosphere for all living things.

The effects of AwakeningTechnology are immediate and pleasantly noticeable without negative effects. 
stop hand

Prevent effects of electrosmog

In the energy field of our products, negative electromagnetic frequencies are harmonized and thus protect against their effects.

sportlich mit energie

New vitality through optimal energy flow

Use the elemental force of the universe to strengthen body and mind. Let yourself be permeated by new creative power.


Reduce stress & worry

AwakeningTechnology is able to harmonize our chakras as well as the subtle field and naturally reduces tense nerves and internal blockages.

freude beim aufwachen

Improve quality of sleep

Create in your bedroom a protective, balanced environment in which the body is allowed to relax and regenerate.

kraft und yoga

Harmony & Joy

Every feeling, whether positive or negative, creates its own subtle field that influences the environment. Our technology is able to balance low frequency, disharmonic energies.

weißes kloster im licht

Stimulate healing

Harmful influences impair the natural vibration and communication of our cells. When you surround yourself with our AwakeningTechnology, body and aura automatically go into resonance with healing potential.

Be a part of the 

Transformation of the planet

From a spiritual point of view, the frequency of our AwakeningTechnology corresponds to a higher density of consciousness.
We are currently in an energetic ascension of the Planetary Sphere and its inhabitants.

With our technology, our products actively help to raise the frequency of all life and facilitate the ascension.


The extraordinary effect of our products has been tested and confirmed in many ways by alternative practitioners, energy workers & clairvoyant people.
Nevertheless, these are energy fields that have not yet been researched and proven by modern science.

Therefore, we must point out that all effects and effects described on our homepage are described as purely subjective, personal impressions of individual persons. We do not make any healing promises. Our products do not replace treatment by a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner.