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In the energetic force field of the pyramid

The pyramid is one of our most popular energizing products.
Around the body of the pyramid are numerous myths and legends.
Supernatural scientific phenomena have been detected, for example, during measurements in the Cheops pyramid. An exactly aligned pyramid bundles in its top a strong electromagnetic energy beam, which is also known as Tesla or scalar wave beam. The energy patterns emitted by a pyramid have a wide spectrum of effects.  Among other things, they have a harmonizing and transforming effect on the subtle field of living beings.

What makes a pyramid so special?

  • The pyramid energy is universally applicable, whether bedroom, yoga studio or office.
  • Brings the natural vibration and communication of the organism into coherence and protects you from interference by electrosmog
  • Effects on the physical and etheric body are equally powerful
  • Increases the vibration of the person and the environment in meditation and everyday life
  • The connection to the cosmic power can be improved
  • Support the ascension of the planet and the people to a higher vibrational level

All subtle fields, regardless of their origin, can be raised in frequency, so that disharmonious energies in the presence of the pyramid hardly show any effects on the person anymore

Our products

Each pyramid is made by hand in a complex process. This process creates unique pieces that differ slightly in appearance and lines of force from the sample images.

The pyramids are available in different sizes and designs.

Pyramide weiß

Pyramid "White

The white pyramid is made on the basis of rock crystal. In its minimalist look, it has a modern and timeless effect on the viewer.

Pyramid "Shungite"

As the name suggests, shungite was added to the pyramid. This gives it its beautiful gray color.

Pyramid "Hexagon"

Visually striking and available in "white", "gold", "silver" and "shungite", this pyramid is a special eye-catcher for any room.

Cheops Pyramide Energetisiert

Pyramid "Ra"

Taking the Cheops pyramid as a model, this design combines a white pyramid with an aesthetically radiant top.

Pyramide Cheops Gold

Pyramid "Gold"

Fully wrapped in golden color, this product brings intense solar energy into the room, giving it an elegant, strong presence.

Pyramide silber

Pyramid "Silver"

Soft, feminine energy provide clarity and inner peace. The calm silver fits into any room with harmonious ease.

Special designs of individual pyramids

Our work is complemented by the knowledge of skilled astrologers, clairvoyants, healers, human design, energy and crystal healers.
Nothing about our products is left to chance. We work with the knowledge that every material we use has its own energy field and consciousness.

Become a creator and create your individual energy field with us, which resonates with your intention. 

Since all our products are elaborately handcrafted, the vibration of the pyramid can be adjusted exactly to your needs.

The possibilities to customize the individualized pyramid in vibration and intention are almost unlimited. 

Prices start from 200€ and depend on the size, materials and scope of consultation.

Possibilities for individualization

Minerals & Gemstones

Each mineral, whether precious or semi-precious stone is attributed its own, very special potential. Use this knowledge and influence your environment with the healing aura of your selected stones.

Our AwakeningTechnology is able to amplify the properties of minerals many times over.

Precious metals

Each metal, whether gold, silver, platinum or copper has a special field. You decide yourself how much and which precious metals are included in the pyramid. Also in the design, there is the possibility of either completely encasing the pyramid with the desired precious metal, or only discreetly the tip. 

Further individualizations such as gold-plated patterns (flower of life, etc.) are of course possible.


The basic mixture of the pyramid can be influenced by the specific selection of certain gemstones/materials. Likewise, a refinement with gold leaf, metal leaf or a high-quality lacquer finish in all colors is possible. There are no limits to creativity here.


We are also happy to make larger pyramids on request. These can be solid, but also hollowed out or otherwise filled.

The power of the full moon

We offer you the opportunity to have your pyramid cast and energized during the full moon. The power of the full moon gives the object an enhanced, special effect.

Spiritual Awakening

AwakeningTechnology as a catalyst

What makes our pyramids special

Our products all consist of a carefully selected alchemical composition of crystalline materials such as purified rock crystals, shungite, gold and energized water structures, which are processed and bound in an elaborate process.

With the highly developed technology of our quantum field generator, these materials are raised to a harmonic terraheart frequency and thus receive the distinctive energy field of AwakeningTechnology.

Through our AwakeningTechnology the powerful effect of the pyramids is amplified many times over and brought to a higher level of cosmic vibration.


Our work is complemented by the knowledge of capable astrologers, clairvoyants, healers, human design, energy and crystal healers.
Nothing in our products is left to chance. We work with the knowledge that every material we use has its own energy field and consciousness.

Each pyramid is made with mathematical precision and the greatest possible symmetry.
Only in this way can the full potential of the pyramid energy be unfolded.


An intensive energization of the atomic structure and the intentionally tuned molecular tension of the different materials, brings the mass of the product to its harmonic oscillation.
This process produces the individual lines of force that are a typical quality feature of AwakeningTechnology.


Due to the interaction of geometric shape, material and AwakeningTechnology, the energy field of the products is able to balance the effects of negative radiation (e.g. electrosmog). This makes it possible to enjoy all the benefits of wireless technology without being exposed to its harmful disharmonic frequencies!


Living beings and objects automatically enter into resonance with the high-frequency energy force field of the products. The built-up force field has an energizing, harmonizing and purifying effect on the aura and the environment.

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Wise Lifestyle


The extraordinary effect of our products has been tested and confirmed in many ways by alternative practitioners, energy workers & clairvoyant people.
Nevertheless, these are energy fields that have not yet been researched and proven by modern science.

Therefore, we must point out that all effects and effects described on our homepage are described as purely subjective, personal impressions of individual persons. We do not make any healing promises. Our products do not replace treatment by a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner.