- sacred geometry-

The power of the platonic bodies

The creation of our universe only looks random at first sight. If one looks at all matter more deeply, then recurring structures can be recognized which always follow a certain symmetry and order.
Everything that exists, whether materially or energetically, follows this regularity.

The universal law of sacred geometry. 

Working with these (hermetic) regularities strengthens the cosmic energy flow and the connection to one's own origin - the divine perfection. The basic building blocks of sacred geometry are the five platonic bodies, which are integrated in the flower of life.

Why purchase a platonic body?

  • Each of the five geomentric bodies generates its own energy pattern, which permeates our organism on a subtle and related physical level.
  • The energy pattern generated by the platonic body enters into resonance with our energetic field and thereby activates certain qualities and potentials.
  • Whoever attunes consciousness and body to this original information can specifically influence emotions and thoughts but also events and can transform them to a higher frequency.
  • Increases the vibration of the person and the environment in meditation and everyday life.
  • The connection to the cosmic power is strengthened.
  • Supports the ascension of the planet and the people to a higher vibrational level.

The building blocks of life

Symmetry on the outside resonates with symmetry on the inside

Working with our products can connect you with your original energy and thus manifest more health, consciousness and potential in life.
Each of the following bodies has its own very special and healing properties.
The objects have a particularly strong effect when worked with consciously or meditatively.
Through our AwakeningTechnology certain qualities and potentials are stimulated.

Swing into your wholeness with the platonic bodies

Dodecahedron - Ether

The dodecahedron represents the highest, geometric form. It penetrates all subtle areas of the human aura with its harmonious, divine vibration.
The dodecahedron's force field opens our spiritual channel and makes it accessible to universal life energy.
It is universally applicable and has a special effect on the crown chakra.

Application area

Not only a decorative highlight, the dodecahedron is suitable for all areas of life. It creates balance in all living spaces, nature or office.
Meditation and spiritual work are raised to a higher level.
The connection to the divine creation is intensified in the field of the dodecahedron and helps to use the universal energy for healing and work.

Transformation potential

The dodecahedron helps to expand one's reality and open it to higher dimensions.
In perfect connection with our divine potential we experience a new beginning of our consciousness. We are able to center our energies to bring them outside into a new reality.  


The form protects from negative cosmic radiation and purifies the spiritual body.

Hexahedron - Earth

The hexahedron represents the original form of everything material.
By its shape alone, it conveys stability and groundedness.
The platonic body gives us a sense of rhythm as well as the order of life.
The energetic field activates the root chakra, which provides sufficient grounding and vitality.

Application area

The energy of the hexahedron is best suited for living spaces where people are actively working.
With its stability properties, in the office it provides clarity, as well as structure and order.
People with high blood pressure or cancer should use the hexahedron with restraint. The already overactive lower chakras are further energized by the energy field.

Transformation potential

Promotes a healthy harmony inside and outside, and assists in maintaining this energy. The energy field helps you to make decisions and to implement them in a focused and concentrated manner.
By centering the life energy in the root chakra, the hexahedron helps you to actively come into the earthly creative power. Enter into a state of grounding, and experience peace, concentration and healing.


The form has a protective effect on the physical body.

Tetrahedron - Fire

The tetrahedron brings the powerful force of life energy into the environment and enables it to be used better.
Dynamism and willpower, as well as assertiveness, are promoted by the activated solar plexus chakra.
The form of the tetrahedron is able to raise the subtle field in its frequency so that blocking energies are recognized and dissolved.

Application area

Use the tetrahedron to energetically cleanse rooms and then charge them with life energy.
In the therapeutic field, a strong healing potential is found through the dissolving and energizing properties of this platonic solid
The use of the tetrahedron in the sleeping area is not recommended for everyone. Rely on your feeling!

Transformation potential

The Tetrahedron supports the user to consciously draw vitality and activity into life.
This platonic form helps the environment to recognize unconscious behaviors, which promotes a loosening of negative, energetic connections. This brings us closer to our creation and draws more clarity into life. Our subtle frequency increases.
Karmic entanglements have the potential to be released.


The form has a protective effect on the emotional and astral body.

Octahedron - air

The octahedron stands for superior knowledge, which helps to recognize the essential in situations. It brings a feeling of lightness through deep knowledge into life.
Visions are recognized and integrated into life. It promotes inner balance and a recognition of reality.

 The heart chakra is activated.

Application area

The octahedron can be used in the entire living area, and is especially helpful in spiritual and meditative work. When used to accompany therapeutic applications, the octahedron unfolds its potential.

In office spaces, the special vibrational level of the platonic body supports successful and wise decisions.

Transformation potential

When we are able to recognize our truth, we are able to recognize our visions. Creative talents can be discovered and experienced.
We bring thereby an inner balance as well as consciousness into our life.


The form has a protective effect on the mental body.

Icosahedron - water

The icosahedron opens through its aura the potential to find inner harmony and balance, both in ourselves as well as in partnership with others.
The flow of life leaves burdensome emotions behind in the field of the icosahedron and flows effortlessly in full primal confidence into new waters.
In connection with our emotional body, devotion as well as an increased sensitivity are felt.

Application area

Use the icosahedron in places where you can experience peace and quiet.
Its gentle properties can unfold the full potential in yoga or healing sessions.
During sleep, the power of the icosahedron can cleanse your energy field and provide harmonic balance.

Transformation potential

As we go within and come to rest, we can give ourselves completely to the flow of life. We learn to trust creation and ourselves.
We are able to free ourselves from deeply hidden, burdensome emotions and experience cleansing feelings.
Change and new beginnings are supported by trust as well as clarity. A new orientation to spirit (consciousness) can be created.


The icosahedron has a protective effect on the emotional body.

This is what makes our platonic bodies special

Our products all consist of a carefully selected alchemical composition of crystalline materials such as purified rock crystals, shungite, gold and energized water structures, which are bound in an elaborate process.

With the highly developed technology of our quantum field generator, these materials are raised to a harmonic terraheart frequency and thus receive the distinctive energy field of AwakeningTechnology.

Through our AwakeningTechnology the powerful effect of the platonic bodies is amplified many times over and brought to a higher level of cosmic vibration.


Our work is complemented by the knowledge of capable astrologers, clairvoyants, healers, human design, energy and crystal healers.
Nothing in our products is left to chance. We work with the knowledge that every material we use has its own energy field and consciousness.

Each Platonic body is made with mathematical precision and the greatest possible symmetry.
Only in this way can the full potential of sacred geometry be unfolded.

Force lines

An intensive energization of the atomic structure and the intentionally tuned molecular tension of the different materials, brings the mass of the product to its harmonic oscillation.
This process produces the individual lines of force that are a typical quality feature of AwakeningTechnology.


Due to the interaction of geometric shape, material and AwakeningTechnology, the energy field of the products is able to balance the effects of negative radiation (e.g. electrosmog). This makes it possible to enjoy all the benefits of wireless technology without being exposed to its harmful disharmonic frequencies!


Living beings and objects automatically enter into resonance with the high-frequency energy force field of the products. The built-up force field has an energizing, harmonizing and purifying effect on the aura and the environment.


The extraordinary effect of our products has been tested and confirmed in many ways by alternative practitioners, energy workers & clairvoyant people.
Nevertheless, these are energy fields that have not yet been researched and proven by modern science.

Therefore, we must point out that all effects and effects described on our homepage are described as purely subjective, personal impressions of individual persons. We do not make any healing promises. Our products do not replace treatment by a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner.