Intelligent technology

Our AwakeningTechnology provides a harmonizing environment that protects both people and environment from negative radiation.
Life force energy is activated to transform body & mind to a new level of healing consciousness.
Manifest joy and health in your life!

Meditation & Harmony

Flower of life

We need a safe environment to thrive

Despite the use of seemingly advanced technologies that are supposed to increase our quality of life, the number of diseases of civilization is increasing exponentially. Ailments such as burnout, sleep disorders, migraines, depression and chronic fatigue now affect nearly one in three people.

Instead of being beneficial, our environment is having an increasingly toxic effect on our bodies and psyches.
Electromagnetic frequencies, such as 5G, cell phone radiation or other electronic devices, disrupt the natural communication of our cells and the flow of our life energy. On a physical and subtle level, we are constantly being limited by our artificial environment.

Which product is the right one for me?

Self-protection / Spiritual work / Large-scale energy

Self Responsibility

We alone are responsible for our safety and well-being. With our products, you’ll create an environment where you are able to enjoy all the benefits of wireless and communication technologies whilst being protected from their negative effects.

At the same time, the energy field of AwakeningTechnology raises the environment to a higher vibrational level. Blockages are able to dissolve in connection with universal life energy and both healing and consciousness are stimulated.

As well as being effective, our products are also an absolute highlight in terms of their visual aesthetics. Elaborately handcrafted, we offer a composition of pioneering technology, high quality and modern design.

Our vision

Wise Lifestyle was founded to raise the quality of life and Awareness of humanity on a global scale.
Our team of engineers, experts and inventors is creating a new generation of advanced technologies in the fields of health, energy and agriculture.
Our inventions are based on quantum effects, nanophenomena and HyperSound.
With our products, we enable people to live a
more conscious way of life and a positive future for the planet.

Special materials

Although our products have a sleek appearance, they are made of a composition of selected materials. Depending on the product, rock crystal, shungite and gold are bound with water and minerals in a complex process.

Energetic Geometry

The basic structure of our world, reality and life is based on certain geometric forms. We have made use of the natural power of this symbolism and with our AwakeningTechnology amplified its spectrum of effect many times over. Let us inspire you and find the product that exactly meets your needs.


Inspired by the geometric precision and exceptional attributes of the Cheops pyramid, we offer our range in a wide variety of finishes.


The dynamic torus of substantial quality, weight and size is capable of harmonizing its entire environment over a large area. It is able to continuously absorb and release energy.

Sacred Geometry

The almost magical effect, which is created just by looking at the completed platonic solids, is amplified many times over by our AwakeningTechnology.

Power places

Our meditation and energizing plates are available in various designs and sizes.

EMF Protection & Energization 

Versatile application, powerful effects and aesthetic design distinguish our product range for everyday use.

What makes our products special

Our products all consist of carefully selected alchemical compositions of crystalline materials such as purified rock crystals, shungite, gold and energized water structures, which are processed and bound in a complex procedure.   

With sophisticated technology, these materials are elevated by AwakeningTechnology to a special teraherz frequency and thus receive their distinctive, high-frequency energy field.

Through our AwakeningTechnology the powerful effect of the pyramids is amplified many times over and brought to a higher level of cosmic vibration.


Our work is complemented by the knowledge of capable astrologers, clairvoyants, healers, human design practitioners, energy and crystal healers.
Nothing in our products is left to chance. We work with the knowledge that every material we use has its own energy field and consciousness.

Power lines

An intensive energization of the atomic structure and the intentionally tuned molecular tension of the different materials, brings the mass of the product to its harmonic oscillation.
This process produces the individual lines of force that are a typical quality feature of AwakeningTechnology.


Through the interaction of shape, material and AwakeningTechnology, the energy field of the products is able to counterbalance the effects of negative radiation (e.g. electrosmog). Enjoy all the benefits of wireless technology without being exposed to harmful disharmonic frequencies!


Living beings and objects automatically enter into resonance with the high frequency energy force field of the products and AwakeningTechnology. The generated force   field has an energizing, harmonizing and purifying effect on the environment.

Be a part of the 

Transformation of the planet

From a spiritual point of view, the frequency of our AwakenTechnology corresponds to a higher density of consciousness.
We are currently in an energetic ascension of the Planetary sphere and its inhabitants.
With our technology you are actively helping to raise the frequency of all life and facilitate the ascension.

Multiwave oscillator after Lakhovsky

The Multiwave Oscillator is an extraordinary multi-frequency device that is a combination of high frequency medicine and bioresonance. It provides the body with a range of harmonizing, high-energy vibrations. Body cells and energy field are activated and go into resonance with this harmonizing vibration. The health effects are described in literature and practice as extraordinary.


The extraordinary effect of our products has been tested and confirmed in many ways by alternative practitioners, energy workers & clairvoyant people.
Nevertheless, these are energy fields that have not yet been researched and proven by modern science.

Therefore, we must point out that all effects and effects described on our homepage are described as purely subjective, personal impressions of individual persons. We do not make any healing promises. Our products do not replace treatment by a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner.