- Energy products for personal EMF protection -

Created in love and wisdom

Our products were created in the holistic thought. Thus, they are not only aesthetic, but also based on valuable ingredients. Versatile and highly effective, the products help to create a safe and harmonious environment that provides space for spiritual development and healing.

Energy egg

Energetic self-protection & life force for everyday life

Our egg is ideal for energetic self-protection and at the same time cleanses the subtle environment of the aura. If you are very sensitive or have a lot of daily contact with other people, the aura more easily absorbs negative energies and electromagnetic frequencies of the environment. Do you often feel tired at the end of the day or even have the feeling that your environment has taken a lot of energy from you? Then you should start to separate yourself from harmful influences!
Due to its handy shape and size, the Egg can be carried inconspicuously in your pocket or on your body.
The egg can protect its wearer from unwelcome energetic influences through harmonizing frequencies, while at the same time it increases the frequency of the subtle field and provides more life energy, consciousness and joy.

Why an egg?
Along with the torus and sacred geometry, the egg is one of the basic shapes of the universe.
The form is found manifold in nature and environment. The energy field of mankind, our planet, the orbit of our
orbit of our planets and much more correspond to an egg-shaped ellipsoid. The chicken egg is said to be able to absorb, store and transform negative energies from the to absorb, store and transform negative energies from the subtle field of the human being.

Flower of life - plate

The basis of all life

Meditation and energy work is lifted to a new dimension of high-frequency energy with our plate. A noticeable new quality of life energy and spiritual development can be manifested through our plate.
Versatile, the plate as a decorative element, with its harmonious energy permeates any living space and allows their environment to grow into a special oasis of healing & love.
Food and beverages can be intensively optimized in your cell structure and made more compatible by the AwakeningTechnology. Nutrients are thus more effectively absorbed by the body. 

Our plates are available in 3 different sizes.

Our plate takes you to a higher level of vibration
19 circles in breathtaking perfection form the basis of sacred geometry - The Flower of Life. All five Platonic bodies are found in the cross section of this pattern. One of the oldest, and most powerful symbols of the Earth, which is also known as the "Seed of Life" and symbolizes the cosmic order. Parascientific research has shown that the Flower of Life affects and optimizes the harmonic structure of water. Likewise, it is said to have healing potential at the cellular and subtle levels.

Tree trunk

In harmony with nature

Let our tree trunk meditation plate guide you to your nöher nature through meditation and healing. The meditation circle creates an energy force field that resonates with cosmic, universal power. If you want to raise your rituals to a new level of energy, healing and consciousness, the power place is the right choice. Consciously perceive how life energy is able to vibrate higher and create a space of healing growth. You can place the plate under your yoga cushion, stand on it, put it under your sleeping place or just sit on it. Experience change by activating your higher nature!

Why a tree trunk?
The symbol of the tree has a special place in mysticism and religion. The world tree "Yggdrasil" in the Nordic mythology carries here the nine worlds of the universe with each other and represents a connection of heaven, earth, underworld. In Buddhism, Buddha is said to have attained his enlightenment under a Bodhi tree (fig tree). The "tree of awakening" is considered there as a sign of peace. Across religions, it can be recognized that the tree can be seen as a sign of the connection between heaven and earth. It is considered a symbol of fertility and life.
But even without symbolism and religion, we recognize the healing and vitalizing properties of the tree when we take a walk in nature. With the energized tree trunk, Wise-Lifestyle wants to fuse the symbolism of nature with the amplifying properties of AwakeningTechnology and create a place for new life force, creative inspiration and enlightenment.

Power place

On the journey to enlightenment

Let our compass guide you through meditation and healing. 

The Meditation Circle creates an energy force field that resonates with cosmic, universal power. If you want to raise your rituals to a new level of energy, healing and awareness, the power place is the right choice. Consciously notice how life energy is able to vibrate higher and create a space of healing growth. 

You can place the plate under your yoga cushion, stand on it, put it under your sleeping place or just sit on it. Experience change through activation of the inner compass!

Why a place of power?
Even in nature we are often defenceless against invisible, external influences. Sources of bad electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) can be versatile. Wind turbines, 5G masts or W-Lan continuously send their information into the environment. The body cells are no longer able to communicate optimally with each other. The body needs longer and longer to get into regenerating states during healing work or meditation. Use our power place to provide your environment with positive, healing vibrations. When you stand or sit on the plate, outer and inner blockages can be transformed. The whole body vibrates to a frequency of love and unity.


Clean your treasures!

With these products you acquire small multi-talents. By the central bundling of the energy of AwakeningTechnology our cups are able to harmonize energetically all materials which you put into it.

The cups also release energy to the outside and have the same protective and harmonizing properties as our other products.
Not only visually a highlight, but also functional and effective.
Clean your jewelry or other utensils from negative energies!

Why should jewelry be energetically cleaned?
In everyday life, you often unconsciously step into energy fields that are enriched with old, dirty energy. These contaminated energies can attach themselves to the body, clothing and jewelry. If you wear precious or semi-precious stones on your body, they can be unconsciously programmed and contaminated. So you should clean your jewelry not only physically, but also regularly on the subtle level.


Currently not available!

Aesthetic & Functional

With our AwakeningTechnology, the coaster releases its energy to the environment in a targeted manner. The energetic effect is reinforced by its hexagonal shape. The energy is mainly emitted vertically upwards and is therefore suitable for drinks and food, but also as a shelf for everyday objects. 
At night, the coaster on the nightstand harmonizes the negative, electromagnetic frequencies of smartphone and smartwatch. For a protected, more regenerative sleep without unnecessary interference frequencies.

Why a hexagonal shape?
The hexagon is one of the favorite shapes of our nature. We can find the hexagonal shape particularly striking in bees. Quite intuitively it forms its honeycombs from six absolutely straight walls in the 120° angle. In symbolism, the hexagon is said to be fertility. The shape transmits another information to our products, which unfolds its magic in the application.


Currently not available!
Decorative harmony

Unobtrusive and modern design, the vase creates a peaceful atmosphere.
It can either be used as a cleansing vessel like our mugs or placed as an eye-catcher.
Presented as a gift, you give your counterpart not only an aesthetic decorative item, but enrich him with harmony and joy.

What makes our products special

Our products all consist of a carefully selected alchemical composition of crystalline materials such as purified rock crystals, shungite, gold and energized water structures, which are processed and bound in an elaborate process.

With the highly developed technology of our quantum field generator, these materials are raised to a harmonic terraheart frequency and thus receive the distinctive energy field of AwakeningTechnology.

Through our AwakeningTechnology, the powerful effect of the products is amplified many times over and brought to a higher level of cosmic vibration.


Our work is complemented by the knowledge of capable astrologers, clairvoyants, healers, human design, energy and crystal healers.
Nothing in our products is left to chance. We work with the knowledge that every material we use has its own energy field and consciousness.

Each product is made with mathematical precision and the greatest possible symmetry.
Only in this way can the full potential of sacred geometry be unfolded.


An intensive energization of the atomic structure and the intentionally tuned molecular tension of the different materials, brings the mass of the product to its harmonic oscillation.
This process produces the individual lines of force that are a typical quality feature of AwakeningTechnology.


Due to the interaction of geometric shape, material and AwakeningTechnology, the energy field of the products is able to balance the effects of negative radiation (e.g. electrosmog). This makes it possible to enjoy all the benefits of wireless technology without being exposed to its harmful disharmonic frequencies!


Living beings and objects automatically enter into resonance with the high-frequency energy force field of the products. The built-up force field has an energizing, harmonizing and purifying effect on the aura and the environment.


The extraordinary effect of our products has been tested and confirmed in many ways by alternative practitioners, energy workers & clairvoyant people.
Nevertheless, these are energy fields that have not yet been researched and proven by modern science.

Therefore, we must point out that all effects and effects described on our homepage are described as purely subjective, personal impressions of individual persons. We do not make any healing promises. Our products do not replace treatment by a doctor, therapist or alternative practitioner.