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Online consultation via Zoom/phone: 120,-€ / hour.

Health consulting
Transformational Coaching
Relationship counseling
Crisis intervention
Business Coaching
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Online consultation via Zoom/phone: 120,-€ / hour.

– Health consulting
– Transformational Coaching
– Relationship counseling
– Crisis intervention
– Self-realization
– Business Coaching
– Discover Your Life Purpose: Unlock Your Full Potential!

Health counseling

In the foreground is the recognition of the emotional-spiritual cause as well as the physical triggers of the syptoms. Every illness has its own individual message, which I translate for you into an understandable language and create a personal transformation protocol.

As an alternative practitioner I had my own naturopathic practice in Munich-Obermenzing for 18 years with a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. With more than 3000 patients I was able to gain versatile experience about the deeper connections of various diseases and to develop treatment protocols.

Transformational Coaching

Expectations on the individual have grown particularly strongly in recent years. In order to meet the demands of the “new world”, it is very helpful to become aware of one’s own patterns and blockages. In order to bring everything “under one hat”, I help you to recognize the common thread of your life and to understand your emotional compass.

Your life is constantly sending you signals in the form of special events and encounters, emotionally intense thoughts and conflict situations. I analyze and translate these signals for you and together with you I create an actionable plan to transform even the most difficult situations into positive ones.

Relationship counseling

Relationships are like the salt in the soup of life. Not only do they give us great joy, content and contrast in life, but they can also give us the chance to recognize ourselves, reflect and grow personally. We can realize who we are and what kind of person we want to become by recognizing our relationship patterns.

In relationship counseling I offer you individually or together with your partner the possibility to translate the relationship patterns into a comprehensible language and with this insight either to go new ways or to help the existing relationship to new happiness.

Crisis intervention

Everyone who is currently in a crisis wants nothing more than to end this state. This strong urge for liberation gives us at the same time the chance to overcome our fear, to explore the causes and to rise like the phoenix from the ashes to the heights of a fundamentally improved quality of life.
In crisis intervention I translate the matrix of your crisis and show you how you can use the patterns to your advantage and new undreamt-of possibilities open up before you.
Many realize with a smile in retrospect of a crisis how valuable this event was for them, if they could use the deeper insight of the causes for a positive transformation. So every crisis is a chance to fundamentally improve your own life!


Those who have the aspiration for self-realization and awareness, without being driven to it by life, increase their chance of a blessed, happy life a thousandfold. The cosmic intelligence rewards those who make self-knowledge their hobby and out of pure interest get on the track of the meaning of their life. I pick you up in your development exactly where you are and go together with you on the path of self-realization as long as you have the need for support. For me personally it is a true joy to accompany people in love and wisdom to deep self-knowledge and cosmic connectedness.

Business Coaching

You have the desire for more success in your business, but it is not going the way you want it to? Then there are opposing forces in your matrix of belief patterns, your professional and private environment that lead to subliminal contrary intentions and actions. Together with you, I explore the causes of these blockages and create your personal solution protocol, which will put you on the path to success as quickly as possible.

Discover Your Life Purpose: Unlock Your Full Potential!

Feeling lost and unsure of your life’s direction? I’m here to help you on a transformative journey towards finding your true purpose. Through personalized coaching sessions, I will guide you in gaining clarity, identifying your passions, and creating a roadmap to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. Take the first step towards unlocking your potential and book a session with me today!


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